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Londa grew up on a farm in Ohio and was involved in 4-H as well as music and theatre.   Upon graduating from high school she moved to Denver where she married, divorced and was left alone with her four children.  Soon after her divorce, Londa was moved by the Columbine incident nearby her home.  Through this incident she recognized there is a large slice of children whose needs are not being addressed in our society. 


As a single mother the Columbine incident motivated Londa to return to college to complete her education at Metropolitan State College.  Londa worked full-time an overnight job, a part-time job, and went to college full-time as she raised her four children alone.  In 2004 Londa graduated on the Vice President’s Honor Roll with an English major, Criminal Justice minor and certificates in both At-Risk Youth Studies and Spanish Competency.  A year later she was hired in her first teaching position.  Over the years Londa either taught or was a school administrator in youth correctional facilities, alternative schools and schools with high numbers of at-risk youth, including Montbello High School.  In fact, our colors, black and silver, are in honor of the former Montbello High School.

As a result of the school reform movement Londa became an activist and eventually left the classroom.  Since that time she began Source Avenue as a construction company.  Source Ave has evolved into various consultative services ranging from job search coaching, advisor, tutoring, Reiki, and beyond!  

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